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Key Projects

Key Projects implemented by us

Revival & Promotion of Extinct Folk/Tribal Dance

Kharsawan Chhau

In Derudih village of District: Seraikela-Kharsawan a vibrant dance form that was languishing due to various socio economic reasons was revived through support of Dorabji Tata Trust.

Firkaal Dance

In Janumdih Village in Potka Block of East Singhbhum District. This is a martial art dance format of this tribal community which was revived through the support of AID, Minnesotta and Sangeet Naatak Academy.

Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood through Micro-enterprise

Grass mat

Tribal women are skilled in traditional Chatai Making. We started training them with locally available Rhizobium Grass (Gondha or Sundhi in local dialect) in Janumdih village of East Singhbhum. With support from government agencies like DRDA, NABARD, Dept. of Welfare, and Dept. of Industry, a strategy for promotion, design development & marketing of grass mat items for alternative employment for these tribal women was started since 2005.


Promotion, Design, Development & Marketing of Dokra items for Alternative Employment for Tribal and OBC Men and Women in Khunti / Bendh, through Department of Industry, Development Commissioner ( Handicrafts), DRDA.

We have promoted and channelized other Art forms such as . . .

  • Grass Mat , Sawai grass items at Janumdih Village, Ragrasai Tola
  • Bamboo artifacts in Adardih, Ichagarh Janumdih Village, Ragrasai Tola
  • Pyatkar paintings by artists like Vijay Chitrakar and Bhootnath Chitrakar in Amadubi, Dhalbhumgarh
  • Dokra artifacts by Malhores of Khunti & Village: Bend, Block: Chakulia
  • Wood and stone carving by Vivek Singh