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Kalamandir operates with a vision to foster necessity and accessibility of arts and aesthetics in our day to day social life. We are engaged in constantly supporting, nurturing and disseminating the finer aesthetic sense among individuals, communities, organization s and social groups. Countering the mono culture, we look for a creative, dynamic and diversified environment for the young minds among tribes and non-tribes of Jharkhand - who are fiull of finer senses.

Kalamandir operates in the districts of East Singhbhum and Seraikela-Kharsawan of Jharkhand. Our main activities include:

  • To undertake research / survey on Tribal heritage and the different forms of expression such as paintings, songs and dances.
  • To act as a Resource Center to document and disseminate information related to different linguistic, ethnic and regional communities of Jharkhand and also to create awareness among them against all socio-economic evils.
  • To create infrastructure and institution in the rural areas for development of sustainable livelihood through creation of micro-enterprises for the tribal / folk / regional cultural heritage of Jharkhand and preserve this.
  • To support, nurture, foster and perform in various forms traditional / folk forms of arts as theatre, music, painting, sculpture, photography, dance, writing etc. in Jharkhand.
  • To motivate and socially mobilize them to make it a means of sustainable livelihood through refining and packaging without losing the basic contents.
  • To extend support to and participate in activities related to capacity building, empowerment, alternative employment, education and health care for artists and artisans to create a new prosperous Jharkhand.
  • To initiate Plans and programmes to revive, preserve and promote cultural heritage of Tribal, threatened by modern times.
  • To impart training through traditional Guru Shishya parampara to tribal / non tribal youth in their different forms Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Language and communication.