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Area of Operation

Our Activities in brief - The main activities of Kalamandir-CCAF are:

Artisan Support Programme - promotion and marketing of

  • Survey, Identification, revival, of extinct form of tribal and folk Arts/ Crafts.
  • Formation of Self Help Groups or Swavalambi Co-operative Societies of artisans and artists and to guide them to save money and start internal loaning.
    1. Livelihood Generation Activities through traditional art/ artifacts and optimum use of Non Timber Forest Produces.
    2. Credit Linkage with the banks for Working Capital to run Micro-Enterprises.
    3. Marketing of Handicraft/ NTF Products produced by SHGs.
  • Capacity Building and Income Generating Programme for Tribal and traditional artisans / artists with a priority to the tribals.
  • Promotion and Design Development of existing craft, / performing or visual art traditions through presentation and performance at various centers.
  • Creation and running of eco-tourism / cultural tourism centers at / around traditionally important places.
  • Survey of traditionally skilled human resource and develop their skill to create Income generation opportunities.
  • Identification and Synergy between human resource and natural resource.
  • Training for Skill Development and Product Design with an aim to marketability
  • Participating in and organizing various festivals and fairs to encourage artists and artisans.
  • Documentation of languishing art forms.

Other Support - in Rural Area for artisans /dancers / musicians

  • Health Care
  • Sanitation and Drinking Water
  • Education for Children
  • Savings Micro - Credit and Insurance


Software Development in

  • Amadubi, East Singhbhum.
  • Deuridih, Seraikela- Kharsawan.

75% completed started since 2008

Funding: Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of India

Hardware Development

Project in the offing in June 2009.

Watershed Development Project

Water & Soil conservation, Livelihood generation in 6 tribal villages of Potka block, East Singhbhum.

Funding: by Jharkhand Tribal Development Society.

Livelihood Generation: Handicraft

  • 10 villages in Nimdih, Ichagarh, Kharsawan and Kuchai block of district Seraikela-Kharsawan.
  • 27 villages in Potka, Dumaria, Dhalbhumgarh and Chakulia block of East Singhbhum.

Project by:

  • Dept. of Industry, Govt. of Jharkhand.
  • Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Govt. of India.
  • NABARD, Ranchi.
  • NAEB, RCI, Kolkata.

Livelihood Generation: Silk Thread Weaving

  • In 7 villages of Ichagarh, Kharsawan and Baharagora block.

Supported by: Dept. of Industry, Government of Jharkhand.


In 5 clusters, Micro Enterprise Development on:

  • Bamboo Product
  • Grass Mat Products
  • Dokra Product
  • Vegetable Dye printing & cloth item.
  • Reeling & Spinning of threads.


More than 340 SHGs formed in past 4 years are now being trained in Team Management.

  • Financial Management.
  • Planning
  • Sustainable livelihood
  • Optimum use of Natural Resource.
  • Marketing of NTFP & Farm Products.

Alternative Income Generation for Tribal Artists, Artisans and Performers

  • Identification of cultural tradition, style, forms, motifs, designs and heritage of local people
  • Identification of available farm products and non farm local/ natural resources
  • Survey of traditionally skilled human resource
  • Synergy between human resource and natural resource
  • Training for Skill Development and Product Design with an aim to marketability
  • Establishment of work shed for training and production
  • Marketing of products through direct sales
  • Popularizing traditional dance / music or visual art forms in schools